39th Annual Stephenville Texas T Party (Sep. 28th – Oct 2nd, 2016)

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The 2016 Texas T-Party was in Stephenville, Texas

Daily Tours:

WEDNESDAY: Soda Bottling Works and Museum in Dublin, lunch at Comanche City Park, Terrill Auto Museum in DeLeon

THURSDAY: Stephenville Oxford House (picture day), shopping in Granbury, lunch Mesquite Pit restaurant, Dinner at the City Park – hosted by the Chamber of Commerce

FRIDAY: Museums and shops in Hico, lunch in Glen Rose at Glen Lake Camp, optional (water crossing), TOUR BANQUET

SATURDAY: drive to Ranger for the 10th annual Ranger Fly-In, lunch at the air show,  back to Stephenville.

Please contact Kathy Harris – 214-801-5288 or email if you need further information.

Water Crossing Video:

Photo Gallery: