2024 Texas T Party in Kerrville, Texas

01/17/2024 0 Comments

2024 Texas T Party

October 16-19, 2024

Kerrville, Texas USA

Hosted by The Space City Ts of Houston, Texas

All model T enthusiasts are invited to bring their Model Ts and attend the 2024 annual Texas T Party.  This four-day driving tour will be based in the Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville, Texas.  The primary lodging will be the INN of the HILLS Hotel & Conference Center in Kerrville.  Daily trips will usually not exceed 100 miles, will go in every direction, and will travel to interesting destinations to see interesting things: museums, pumpkin patches, cowboys, horses, and long horn cattle.  There will be fun for everyone.  Come on folks, I can’t tell you how many people I have talked to who wanted to attend, but never did.  Here is your chance.

T Party Tour planning is still on-going, so no details about registration or hotels are available right now.  To place yourself on the notification list, email Bill Severn, the Tour Co-Chairman at wcsevern@earthlink.net.