43rd Annual Texas “T” Party – Temple, TX – POSTPONED to 2021

43rd Annual Texas “T” Party – Temple, TX – POSTPONED to 2021

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Hello everyone,

Planning a Texas T Party is a lot of work.  At times it is challenging to say the least.  This years 41st TEXAS T PARTY in Temple Texas has faced many challenges and has faced some very unique obstacles to overcome.  COVID-19 has proven to be relentless.  Just when we thought we had a handle on it, it came racing back and the numbers are staggering.  The committee has met and looked at the future forecast of the COVID-19 Pandemic and it is not good.  Therefore, because we care about everyone WHO attends the Texas T Party, we are going to regretfully postpone the 2020 Temple Texas T Party to 2021.  It is just the right thing to do folks.  This decision was not and easy one to make.  In fact, we were just in Temple this past Sunday, August 2nd, putting the final touches some of the details. So here is what happens next.

Everyone who has sent in their registrations with payment will be receiving a full refund. For accounting purposes there will be no carry over to 2021. This means that everyone will need to register and pay again in 2021.  As for the hotel reservations, the Hilton Garden Inn has agreed to move all reservations that are currently made to the corresponding dates in 2021.  No charges will be made to anyone.  However, if you wish to cancel your reservation at the hotel, YOU are responsible to do that yourself. Postponement notices will be posted on Facebook and the various web sites where the Texas T Party has been advertised including the MTFCA.  

Please watch for the confirmed dates of the 2021 Temple Texas T Party to be announced early next year.  We have a great tour planned and we are fortunate that everything we worked on this year will easily transfer to 2021.  In the meantime, wear your mask and social distance.  The T Fords of Texas look forward to seeing everyone at the Temple Texas T Party in 2021. 

Thank you,

Daniel Bratcher

Chairman, 2020 Texas T Party