Frequent Model T URL Links:

Model T Ford Club of America

Model T Ford Club of America Forum

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Model T Ford Club International

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Ford Barn Forum

Space City T’s of Houston Facebook

A History of Classic Cars For Kids


Vendors for Model T Ford parts:

Lang’s Old Car Parts

Snyder’s Antique Auto Parts

MAC’s Antique Auto Parts

Smith and Jones Antique Auto Parts


New & refurbished parts, also used parts call and ask:

Battlefield Antique Ford Parts (T & A), MO (800) 610-4596

Gaslight Auto Parts, OH (800) 242-6491

Lang’s, MA (978) 297-1919

Bob’s Antique Auto, Loves Park, IL (815) 633-7244

Snyder’s Antique Auto, OH (330) 549-5313

Chaffin’s Garage, CA (951) 735-4791

Birdhaven Vintage Auto Supply, IA (515) 674-3949

Antique Auto Ranch, Spokane Valley, WA (509) 535-7789

Steve’s T Works, Model T Service & Repair, Longbranch, WA (253) 884-1925

Smith & Jones, West Columbia, SC (803) 822-4141

Vintage Ford, CA (888) 367-3100

MAC’s Antique Auto 800-284-3906

All or mostly used parts:

Ron Paetz, Lone Pine Enterprises, WI (608) 604-7534

Julius & Marvin Neunhoffer, TX (830) 257-8168

Dave Huson, Longmont, Co. 313-774-9246  email

Bob Hagelgantz, KS (785) 731-5285